Zdenka Podkapova slips off her erotic lingerie, high heels and sheer nylons
“Would you like to feel my lace lingerie and touch my stockings?”

Zdenka Podkapova is one of the most sophisticated and classy looking blond babes I’ve ever seen! She certainly is a timeless beauty with her long blond hair framing her absolutely beautiful face. And what a body! She’s got nice squeezable, full round breasts and fantastic legs that just won’t quit and they look even better in those stockings! Here we have caught her in a very private moment in her bedroom. She is looking extremely sexy in her ivory colored lace bra and panties, and her matching garter belt holds up her sheer dark brown stockings. When Zedenka is dressed in her lovely lingerie, I believe she must be feeling very beautiful and truly feminine. Dropping the ivory straps off her shoulders, she gently pushes her bra down revealing her lovely breasts. She reaches underneath the garter belt and grasping the lace panties pulls down at them until they reach her ankles, then she steps out of them. She unstraps and kicks off her black high heels, then unfastening the stockings tops, she seductively peels first one, then the other down off her glorious legs.

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