Gorgeous Monica Hajkova in black corset, black heels and black nylons
“Watch my striptease, it’s going to make you so hot!”

The sound grows louder as a pair of woman’s high heel shoes click clack across the wooden floor. You turn to see the gorgeous Monica Hajkova dressed in a black corset, black heels and black nylon stockings. She walks right into the center of the room, stops at a single straight backed chair and sits down. With a flirtatious look she makes sure that you are watching. Keeping her thighs pressed together she stretches her sexy stocking clad legs out toward you. She provocatively models her legs for you, raises then lowers first one knee then the other, points her toes in turn, she loves giving you an erotic show. Using her fingertips she traces all around the lace stocking tops, then moving lower along the slippery nylon, she skims down along her thighs to her knees, lingering sensuously on every curve. Leaning forward she explores lower still, moving her hands along the calves then the ankles, finally all the way down to massage her beautiful feet. She now begins to slowly and deliberately retrace all the way back up her lovely legs. Reaching her thighs, she leans back in the chair and brings her hands up to her waist and crotch. She’s not wearing any panties as she spreads her legs wide apart now. She feels the heat and the wetness growing as her own arousal builds. Whew! This babe is so hot! See the full striptease and lots more! Make sure to check out Monica at