Pretty babe in shiny black thigh high boots
“I feel so sexy and erotic in my shiny thigh high boots!”

With her dazzling smile, killer body and magnificent blue eyes, Kyla Cole is probably the most gorgeous babe to ever come out of the former Czechoslovakia. She looks absolutely irresistible as she poses seductively in a sexy pair of thigh high spike heel boots. The shiny black boots contrast deliciously with the smooth creamy skin of her upper thighs.

In my erotic dream I’m watching her peel her black panties down over the thigh high boots to her ankles where she kicks off the damp scrap of fabric. Reaching down between her beautiful legs she scratches her fingertips through her sexy little bush. Drawing her legs up she spreads her thighs apart. She closes her eyes and dips her fingers into her slick pussy. Then she brings her wet digits to her ruby lips where she tastes the wetness. She smiles and offers me a taste, I’m under her spell and I find myself buried between her legs furiously making love to her with my tongue. She moans her approval. See the rest of the Kyla Cole collection and the whole lineup of sexy glamour girls at Glamour at Heavy Porn Punch.

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