Julia Silver Pink Top Black Stockings and suspenders
“While you’re checking out my ass, look at the sexy hold-ups clipped to my black stockings!”

Here we have beautiful blond Julia Silver looking very seductive in her sexy lingerie. She wiggles her thighs and pushes down at her very short, tight fitting skirt. She slides it down over the flare of her hips, then lets it fall to the floor. Wearing sheer black thigh high stockings, she lifts first one leg then the other, stepping out of the garment. Underneath the skirt, a sexy pair of black panties and pink holdup straps from her corset top are revealed. She strips the panties down the same way she stripped down the skirt.

It’s extremely erotic and arousing to see her holdups hanging down and clipped to the black nylon stocking tops. Her corset is pale light pink with gray pinstripes and it has a little black bow in the cleavage. She’s a natural busty girl and her full breasts strain against her top looking like they might spill out over the top. The gray eyed beauty provocatively caresses her own legs up and down in the sheer black stockings. She brings her hands up to her chest and pushes the top of the corset down to reveal her perfect breasts. She squeezes the full round globes, and pinches the big rubbery nipples.

Sitting down now and spreading her legs apart, she reaches between her thighs. Lying back with her eyes closed she starts daydreaming about having sex. She lightly traces up and down on her pussy lips with her fingertips. Then with an increasing urgency she’s rubbing on the lips now, then pushes a fingertip into the wetness. She’s getting more and more excited now so she tries using two fingers at a time. She reaches into the bedside drawer and retrieves her favorite toy. It’s a pink leopard skin pattern vibrator! It’s a multi-speed model, she starts off with a slow pulsating setting. Rubbing the vibe up and down on her pussy lips, she’s already sopping wet just thinking about pushing it inside. Spreading open real wide now, she reacts to the pleasure by changing the speed. She plays around with the speed control until she finds just the right pulsating vibration, she drives the buzzing toy all the way in as far as it will go and back out, over and over again. Her knees are starting to tremble now, she takes a deep breath and tries to keep her concentration tuned in to the ever building sensations coming from deep inside and spreading throughout her whole being. Her body readies itself for it’s sweet release, her thighs quiver and she knows she’s close to going over the edge. At first she feels just a small trickle of warmth and then she feels it grow into an intense wave of pleasure washing through and through. Moaning, she relaxes and goes with it, her mind blanks, her muscles inside are pulsating. She arches her back as she explodes into an amazing, screaming glorious climax! Yes, Julia, that was so hot to watch!

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