Jana Cova In Unusual Black Fencenets
“I just love my fence net pantyhose! Oh, by the way, which one’s Pink?”

One never grows tired of drinking in the classical beauty of Jana Cova. At first it’s a little weird seeing a cigar in her hand, but it quickly becomes quite arousing and erotic as she enchantingly uses the hand-rolled treat to sensuously trace over her body’s gorgeous curves. When she finally arrives between her thighs, she finds an opening through the fence nets and plays the cigar lightly up and down the lips, then gently parting them she pushes and twirls the rounded end inside the wetness. After a time, she pulls the end back out and brings it up to her lips, breathing and tasting the sweet co-mingling flavor. Remember an Habanos should be smoked slowly for it ensures the harmonious marriage of the savory and deliciously rich aromas. At least, slowly at first! She rips open a big hole at the crotch of the black stockings and then seductively finishes stripping the rest of her sexy lingerie until she is completely naked.

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