Lisa Rose in sexy transparent nylons and ivory high heels
“Am I distracting you? I noticed you were licking your lips while staring at my stockings and heels.”

Lisa Rose is a secretary in a small office. This morning as she was getting dressed she decided she would pull out all the stops today. First she chose a pair of sheer black nylons, the kind with the built in suspenders and garter belt. The holdups look great tracing over over her bare upper thighs up to the garter belt portion of the nylons. Next she chooses a pretty bra and panty set with an interesting designer pattern.

She steps into a very short black skirt then slides it up along her shapely stocking clad legs. With a bit of effort she pulls the sexy skirt over the flare of her hips. Her top is a long sleeved blouse made from fine white linen, and Lisa Rose leaves the top few buttons undone. Her big beautiful breasts threaten to pop out at any moment. She puts on just a hint of perfume and is wearing just the right shade of lipstick. She checks herself one last time in the mirror, slips on a pair of white heels and heads out the door to the office. Yes, today Lisa Rose will make dreams come true.

How will they ever get any work done if she is dressed as seductively as that? I dream of having a secretary just like Lisa Rose.