Clara G hot stocking babe in white lace panty, a white corset with white white striped nylons and white heels
“Come feel my heat, my lace and my passion.”

I find Clara G waiting for me in the bedroom dressed entirely in white from neck to toes. Clara G is dressed strikingly wearing a very unique silver-white necklace, white lace panties, a white corset trimmed in white lace with white holdups holding up white striped stockings and white high heels. At first she lowers the top of the corset to reveal her big suckable nipples on large full breasts. She cups them and then rolls the hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She unsnaps the holdups from the stocking tops so that she may remove the lace panties. She pushes the panties down over her thighs, and then lets them drop to the floor where she steps out of them. She touches her rubbery pussy lips, spreading them apart, then plunges first one, then two and then three fingers into the hot steamy wetness. She brings the huge red dildo up to her lips and moistens the entire end of it with her saliva. Tracing it down across her breasts then across her waist to her shaved pussy, she moves the toy up and down and around on the outer lips, then little by little she urges it to come inside her slippery wetness. She closes her eyes and aching for release she enters an erotic dreamworld.