Beautiful Cate Harrington in her unique sexy lingerie silky white nylons and heels

“Have you ever heard of animal magnetism? “

Beautiful Cate Harrington is lounging around the house in her unique and sexy lingerie. She’s wearing this bra and panty set and her white bra is embroidered with a decorative design with matching panties. She wears white thigh high stockings trimmed with a wide band of lace at the top and simple black high heels. Niki is beginning to feel very turned as she stretches and runs her hands through her hair. She uses her hands to explore her sexy body and feel all the different textures of her smooth skin touching the flowery lace and the cool slippery nylon. She reaches up to squeeze her luscious breasts and searches to feel the hardening nipples through the fabric. Reaching down she plunges a hand inside her panties to lightly rub up and down on her velvet wetness. Now her panties are just in the way so she pulls them down from her waist to her thighs, then as she wiggles her legs back and forth she lets them go and they drop to the floor around her ankles. She sits down now and leans back raising her legs she kicks the panties off her ankles. She spreads apart her thighs and raises her legs in the air, all the while rubbing her wetness. Closing her eyes, she plays with her tight body with erotic dreams of sweet release.

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