Austin Kincaid Wears Corset and Red Crotchless Fishnet Bodysuit
“If I bend over, you will see that my red fishnets are crotchless!”

One early evening, you’re out for a stroll along the seaside. You’re walking along and up ahead you see a very attractive dark haired lady dressed in a dark colored gown. She’s wearing red stockings and red high heels. As you get closer, you’re awed by just how beautiful she really is. You look up and down the path, and you notice the two of you are totally alone along this stretch of ocean. She must know it too. She smiles at you and provocatively strips down the dress and steps out of it. You walk towards her, and you see she’s wearing a tight black corset and the fishnets are really part of a fishnet bodysuit!

Her huge breasts look marvelous confined in the clinging red fishnet material. She turns and shows off her glorious ass in the bodysuit. She leans forward and bends over against the fence on the side of the path. You’re admiring her perfect ass in the fishnets, and you’re delighted to find out the bodysuit is crotchless. She’s offering herself to you! Austin Kincaid wants to be your Fantasy Girl! You’re one heckuva lucky guy!

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