Austin Kincaid in Black Thigh High Stockings and tight corset
“Watch me get off in my lace top stockings, tight corset and spike boots!”

Here she comes again, my favorite fantasy girl Austin Kincaid and she also happens to be the Erotiq Stockings Girl of the Month for January. Man! She looks so damn hot and desirable with her big boobs strapped into that tight corset.

Sexy holdup suspenders hang down along her bare thighs and are clipped to her black lace stocking tops. Then there’s that great pair of black boots, laced up almost to the knees. I’m dreaming of getting down on my knees in front of her and touching, hugging, licking, squeezing her legs as I’m unlacing her shiny boots. Slowly I begin working my way higher, caressing every inch of her warm soft, lustrous skin through her sheer black stockings.

Now I’m kissing and then licking all over the bare skin of her upper thighs, paying special attention to the lacy stocking tops, until catching the sweet fragrance from her juicy pussy draws my fingers and tongue there. Meanwhile, she unties and loosens the corset, freeing her big breasts so I can squeeze them, and kiss them and slurp and suck at her hardening nipples. Now I’m urgently touching her all over, and I’m as hard as a rock! Whew!

Austin Kincaid sure means it when she says, “I love being your fantasy girl!”