Angie Savage In A Black Zippered Corset And Black Stockings
“Zip down my corset, then lick my thighs down to my black stocking tops!”

Here’s the lovely and enchanting Angie Savage. She’s an incredibly fine-looking blond babe with a gorgeous slender and curvy body with big natural tits. She’s dressed enticingly in a sexy patent leather corset, sheer black stockings and shiny black high heels. The tight fitting corset has a zippered front and the black stockings have cute little white bows decorating the stocking tops. She has the hottest and horniest shaved pussy and when she performs in front of a camera, she’ll show you just how easily she can be turned on. Wearing no panties, she spreads her beautiful shapely legs and shows close-ups of her wet muff. She’s very excited and her pussy is sopping wet. She imagines she can feel your hot breath on her hot twat. and she knows you are dying to stick your tongue inside of her wet cunt. The thought makes her hot and horny like crazy. She grabs her chrome dildo and pretends that it’s your erect cock. She pinches her nipples and massages her big tits, while she hungrily sucks on her shiny dildo, and then imagines she can taste your salty cock. Her pussy is hungry and she feeds it with her dildo. Soon she’s fucking herself so hard with her toy and sometimes she pushes it in so deep that you can’t see it anymore, then she pulls it back out and you can see it’s totally covered with her juices. She imagines she feels you start to cum exactly the same time she’s reaching the peak and going over the edge. She feels the throbbing electric waves spread through and through, and when it finally fades she feels completely relaxed and drifts to sleep in your arms.

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