Finally, it’s here! Hello everyone! I’m very excited to launch this blog. I’ve had this idea in mind for quite awhile now. I’ve always had a huge passion for sexy women in stockings, heels and lingerie. I’m sure there has to be many other stockings and lingerie fans out there who share this passion.

First of all I’m going to say, Yes! There’s going to be some porn posted on this blog. But, that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, right? After all, at least on this blog, isn’t erotic stockings and sexy lingerie about creating arousal and excitement? And, isn’t lingerie designed with the idea of promoting sexual excitement and exploring sensuality? I’d love to hear it from the female point of views here, too. Ladies, how does it feel wearing sexy lingerie?

Second I’d like to pledge I will go the extra mile to add the personal human touch providing top notch hand-picked galleries, video and stories to this blog.

We’re always searching, surfing and checking out all the stockings and nylons blogs and tgps. Sometimes all those other stockings and nylons blogs and tgps seem so lonesome and sterile. I’ve dreamed of a stockings site that feels alive and friendly. I’m hoping Erotiq Stockings can come alive and feel like a community. I’m hoping a friendly camaraderie will grow up around the sharing of thoughts and ideas, as well as sharing high quality photo galleries, kinky videos and sexy stories.

Please feel free to check us out and join us here. I’m still trying to figure out all this blog stuff, if you can help me please let me know. If you want to be an editor or writer, let me know. You’re all invited to join and it’s free to signup! It’s easy! All that’s needed is an email address. I’d love to hear from you!

See you all soon! …Mark